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Cat Bowls

Your fur baby is the queen or king of the house and deserves royal food and water bowls that suit their attitude. Our exquisite collection of cat bowls is designed for function and style! The entire collection is meant to be mixed and matched to perfection. Are you tired of looking at the same old cat bowls on your kitchen floor? It’s time to consider investing in our colorful and stylish collection!

Our Torrent bowls feature a unique paint splatter design that looks like a piece of art in any home. Each bowl is individually hand-painted using a specific brushstroke that creates the one-of-a-kind design. We ensure no two pieces are identical. The high gloss finish is featured on the exterior and interior for long term use.

Modern and sophisticated, our Speckled cat bowls feature a unique style that looks great in any room in the house. The speckles are carefully splattered on each bowl using a handmade artistic technique. The speckles are located on the interior and exterior of the bowls for superior long-lasting style!

Our Granny cat bowls feature a classic design that combines a cream-colored foundation with a rose and gray accent. This ceramic bowl is a sophisticated and an excellent option for minimalist home décor. Granny bowls complement any home décor theme and design with classic beauty.

Sleek and sophisticated, our Spike bowls add the bit of style every pet parent needs for their cat bowl collection. These bowls have a high gloss solid white foundation and playful spike accents. Its dishwasher safe and compliments all other cat bowl designs which make it a must-have for every cat bowl collection.

Playful and sleek, our Finca Eye cat bowl features a beautiful black and white design. The hand-etched eye pattern looks great in every home and compliments all home décor themes. It adds a touch of artistry to any room. This cat bowl is specially designed to be weighted so your cat doesn’t easily push the bowl around on the floor. Are you looking for something more festive? Our Finca Uma cat bowl has a playful hand-etched dog face pattern that looks great alone or matched with any other cat bowl design.

Cheerful and festive, we are obsessed with our Sprinkle bowls! They have a unique look that resembles ice cream sprinkles. Every dot, splatter, and brushstroke is unique and hand-painted. The soft peach color tone makes this cat bowl easy to mix and match with other bowls. Our sprinkle bowls are also available in a variety of colors.

Our Finca Speckled cat bowl is a must-have for every collection. It features dark black spots that compliment other bowls. The playful design looks great paired together or with other cat bowls. It’s designed to be heavier than standard cat bowls to ensure that it stays in place.

Choosing bowls for your cat to eat out of is more important than you think. You will be looking at these bowls every day and most pet parents get bored seeing the same design for days, weeks, months and years. Creating a cat bowl collection provides you with the opportunity to keep things fun when you feed your cat.

Our classic bowls look great together but also look great with other styles. An excellent mix and match example is our classic Granny bowl with the Finca Speckled bowl. This combination adds style and grace to feeding time and keeps things classy and fun!

If you are having a difficult time choosing a cat bowl for your pet, an excellent way to decide is to consider your cat’s personality. Every cat has its own unique characteristics and personality. Tune into your fur baby’s heart and soul then find the bowls that suit them best. If your cat is spunky and playful, try our specially designed and hand-painted Finca bowls. Does your cat have a classy attitude and roam around the house with grace? Consider our classic designs and sprinkle bowls to create a soothing eating experience for your cat.

Another unique way to choose cat bowls is to consider your home décor. Carefully think about your color theme, design preference and overall look of the home. It’s great if you get cat bowls that match your overall look but it’s also fun to add in accent bowls with a festive design.

Ceramic bowls are durable and most of them are weighted to provide stability and ensure placement during eating. If your cat is an aggressive eater or more than one cat eats out of the bowl a weighted bowl is a must-have in your collection.

It’s wise to create a collection of bowls so you never get bored of looking at the same thing all the time. You can use cat bowls as accents in the room where you feed your cat. While the kitchen is the most common place to feed your cat, some pet parents enjoy having various areas around the house to accommodate their cat’s appetite.

If you have a cat that loves to play outdoors and sneak in through the back porch pet door, it’s wise to place a bowl of water and food near that area so your cat has easy access anytime they enter the house. It’s also best to have the main feeding area set up for your cat so they know their go-to spot for mealtime.

Providing multiple places for your cat to eat and drink is essential to their well being. Depending on the number of areas you have set up, you will need a specific amount of cat bowls. You can have a lot of fun creating a collection that easily mixes and matches as well as compliments each other. You can get wild and place strong patterns together or keep things simple and pair classic designs. The key to enjoying feeding your cat and making the bowls look like accent pieces in your home is to have fun with the process! Check out our entire collection and choose the pieces you love!

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