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Cat Collars

Cat collars are an essential tool that helps keep you and your adorable pet reunited. Most domestic cats remain indoors most of their lives while others prefer to live outdoors and occasionally come indoors. Cats are athletic, intelligent and cherished family members. They have the ability to disappear and escape to outdoor adventures but without a collar, you might never see them again. Cat collars can be used to let you know where your pet is located, identification in case they get lost and medical alert collars.

Are you looking for the purrfect collar for your cat? It might be difficult to tame your little lion at first but our cat collar collection makes it easy, stylish, functional and fun!

Our Braveheart collar is designed for durability and long term wear. It’s designed with a safety release buckle, classic print, and small bell. It features signature hemp webbing that adds style to the overall look of the collar.

Function meets fashion with our nice grill cat collar. It’s available in a variety of colors such as black & white, light blue, orange, and a pink & blue combination. The lightweight brass hardware and bell add a touch of bling to the collar while the safety release buckle comfortably secures the collar to your cat. The signature hemp webbing is machine washable to ensure it looks like new every day!

Choosing a collar for your cat is fun and easy! You might want to create an adorable collection of collars so your cat is in style all year round! The color of the collar is what often draws attention to your cat. If you have a cat that likes to wander off to unknown places or hide in your house it’s essential that you choose a collar with a bell. This lightweight bell helps you find your cat easily. All of our cat collars come with a bell to ensure you and your cat never get separated.

The color of the collar is also very important. One of the easiest ways to choose a cat collar is to coordinate the color with your cat’s personality. Does your cat have a fun, vibrant and energetic personality? Choose the orange or light blue design.

Is your cat calm and enjoy lounging around the house? Try the light pink & blue color combination. Our black and white design is purrrfect for cats of all personalities.

While the look of the collar is important and fun to think about, there’s a more serious aspect to cat collars. Since cats tend to run off and explore the world outdoors it’s common for them to disappear for hours to days at a time. As a cherished member of your family, you don’t want to risk losing them forever just because they don’t have a collar.

A collar is the best place to put an identification tag that provides your pet’s name, your address and telephone number in case they get lost. Choosing a collar that is easy to see from far away is also beneficial when you are searching for your cat. An added benefit is using the same display area on the collar as a medical alert to notify anyone who finds your fur baby of their health issues such as blindness, diabetes, injuries or any other issues.

The convenient bell located on all of the cat collars in our collection provides insight into where your cat is located at any given moment. Cats tend to wander around the house and pop out of the strangest areas. Chances are you have been spooked by your cat suddenly popping up in the oddest places and scaring you. The bell sounds as your cat moves around and provides a source to pinpoint where your pet is located within the house.

Cat collars can also be lots of fun when it comes to style and fashion! You can create an entire collection of collars that can be changed throughout the year and used on a seasonal basis. An excellent example is our orange colored nice grill cat collar for the fall season. If you enjoy taking pictures of your cat sitting next to pumpkins and other fall decorations this is the perfect collar! The other colors are also fun and can be used for seasonal themes. You can even use the pink and blue color combination as a festive way to announce a baby on the way!

Since collars are meant to be used as a tool to protect your cat and ensure they won’t get lost, it becomes an essential accessory every domesticated cat needs whether they remain indoors fulltime or enjoy exploring the outdoors.

Cats that play outdoors like to climb trees, hide in bushes and play along with local wildlife. Chances are your cat has brought home a juicy little mouse for you as a gift. As your cat explores the outdoors they often go with the flow and wander away from home. Cats are highly intelligent and capable of finding their way back home. However, if your fur baby is often found far from home or likes visiting the neighbors on a regular basis, they definitely need a collar.

Placing a vibrant colored collar on your cat is also excellent for safety reasons. As your cat plays outdoors they can come in line with a dangerous situation such as a car, bicycle or children playing. A cat suddenly appearing in the line of a car, bike, scooter or other device startles the person and doesn’t give them time to react quickly. However, if your cat is wearing a vibrant collar there’s more of a chance a person will notice the collar and stop quicker compared to a cat not wearing a collar.

Another great benefit of cat collars is telling your fur babies apart. Many pet parents adopt kittens from the same litter that grows up to look like twins. Using different collars to tell them apart is highly useful!

Our collection offers a variety of colorful options! Choose your cat’s next collar today!

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